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Welcome to The Neurospicy Shop!

A positive place full of positively amazing resources and stuff for your brain. And your autistic kid’s brain. And your ADHD spouse’s brain. And your students’, clients’, friends, step-kids’… You get the idea. Get in here, we’re going shopping!

We have stuff that’s…


At The Neurospicy Shop, we are proud to sell a variety of products created with love by business owners that have ADHD and autism in their families! Products with our Certified Spicy stamp are neurodivergent-owned. Join us in supporting the ADHD and autistic communities.

Featured Content

Knowledge is power, and power is confidence! Learn about neurospicy brains from our blog.

  • AuDHD: The Combined Forces of ADHD and Autism

    ADHD and Autism are both neurodevelopmental conditions, and they have plenty in common. But, they also have some pretty drastic differences. So, what happens when the two team up together in one person’s mind? The emerging term AuDHD refers to that exact situation.
  • adhd paralysis

    “I Had 9 Things to Do So Instead I Took a Nap” – A Story of ADHD Paralysis

    Sometimes, those of us with ADHD get stuck. We end up horizontal on the couch, wanting to do the next thing on our mental “to do” list, but somehow unable to make ourselves get up even though we really do want to do the thing that has us feeling frozen!
  • Autism and Sleep: 12 Tips for a Restful Night

    In the world of autism and sleep, there’s a rhythm – a sometimes elusive rhythm. Whether you’re rocking the spectrum or you’re guiding an autistic superstar (maybe your kiddo), there’s a dance between sleep and autism that’s intriguing to understand and essential to master.
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