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Our Story

Hello! We are Ted and Kelly, the (alleged) grown-ups behind The Neurospicy Shop. When we started trying to learn about the best ways to support the neurodivergent kids in our lives, we saw three patterns: 1, there isn’t a ton of accessible information about Autism and ADHD that was helpful for us. 2, the stereotypes and perceptions of people with ADHD and autism are incredibly inaccurate and dated. and 3, as we learned more, we realized that we have our own neurodivergence to navigate and care for, too.

Pride in Who We Are

So, we started this thing. The Neurospicy Shop is designed to be a welcoming resource where people with ADHD and autism can learn more about how their brain works. The more we understand ourselves and change our environment to work for us – rather than trying to change ourselves – the more we build confidence. We are not “broken,” or “the problem,” or any of the other mean things that society built for neurotypicals would have us believe. We have a passion for changing the narrative around neurodivergence.

A Judgement-Free Zone

Developing Healthy Kids

Since we initially started looking for resources to help the kids, we want to help other grownups empower the kids in their lives, too. Parents, step-parents, teachers, counselors, and generally safe adults have an enormous power to help shape the way that neurodivergent kids grow and develop. By the age of 10, kids with ADHD have heard 20,000 more negative messages than their neurotypical peers, and that has a lasting effect on their confidence and self-image. We’re here to help the grownups in these kids’ lives to show compassion for them, help them meet their needs, teach them the skills they’ll need, and learn who they are without judgment.

Want to Know More?

We are constantly learning new things — from our kids, doctors, professionals, and members of this community and others, and we do our best to share everything, so you can know what we know! It’s all in our blog, updated as often as possible. 
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