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ADHD Productivity Hack: The Pomodoro Method

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This article may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase through these links, we may earn a commission at no extra cost to you. Thanks! For those of us with ADHD, managing our productivity can be… challenging. And frustrating.  And it can lead to feelings of shame, too. We’re often operating within systems (and […]
positivity and adhd coping skills

Adult ADHD Coping Skills: The Power Of Positive Reinforcement

If you tend to avoid fitting into molds, you may have heard a lot of negative messages over the years. These ADHD coping skills may help.
object permanence adhd

Mastering the Art of Remembrance: Object Permanence ADHD Strategies

People with ADHD tend to lose our keys more than our neurotypical peers, thanks to challenges with object permanence. These coping strategies can help you to keep track of the important things in your life!
Loop earplugs

Sanity Savers: 4 Times My Loop Earplugs Became My Best Friend

With the overwhelming range of earplugs available today, Loop earplugs stand out. Their unique design, centered around a circular acoustic channel, has given people with sensory challenges a new world of options for noise reduction. Read about my experience with Loops!
adhd paralysis

“I Had 9 Things to Do So Instead I Took a Nap” – A Story of ADHD Paralysis

Sometimes, those of us with ADHD get stuck. We end up horizontal on the couch, wanting to do the next thing on our mental “to do” list, but somehow unable to make ourselves get up even though we really do want to do the thing that has us feeling frozen!
Loving LGBT couple using body doubling for ADHD

Double Your Productivity: Unleash the Power of Body Doubling for ADHD

Discover how body doubling, a revolutionary life hack, can enhance focus and productivity for individuals with ADHD.
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8 Powerful Tips for Cleaning with ADHD

When you have ADHD, cleaning is a daunting task. In this article, you’ll learn practical tips and strategies to stay on top of your house (and teach your kids to do the same)!
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