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ADHD Fidget Ring – Magnetic Swivel Ring



Fidgets are fun. Magnets are fun. Rings are fun. So this magnetic ADHD fidget ring is… SO fun! 

For us neurospicies, keeping our hands occupied can actually help us to focus much better. Occupying our hands isn’t a distraction for us – it (sometimes, everyone is different) helps us keep our restlessness at bay so we can pay attention. In particular, fidgeting can help people with the types of ADHD that include hyperactivity. This ring is the perfect companion designed to keep your restless fingers occupied and your mind focused.

Endless Swivel Action

This ring’s smooth and seamless rotation gives your fingers a satisfying sensory experience. The magnetic swivel mechanism allows you to effortlessly twirl, spin, and fidget to your heart’s content, providing an outlet for excess energy and promoting concentration.

Boost Focus and Productivity

Designed specifically for those of us with ADHD, this fidget ring is a powerful tool to help increase focus and productivity. Its tactile stimulation engages your senses, redirecting restless energy and promoting a state of calm, allowing you to stay on task and accomplish your goals.

Stress Relief Anywhere, Anytime

Compact and portable, our ADHD fidget ring fits easily in your pocket or bag, making it perfect for on-the-go use. Since it’s small and discrete, you can scratch your brain’s fidget itch while at your desk or while working on a project, and the people around you will be none the wiser. We will give a disclaimer, though, that if this ring is for a child or teenager at school, we recommend talking to the teacher(s) first. 

Kids and Grown-ups

Our fidget ring is suitable for adults and kids 4 and up. Even though there’s a hole in the middle, it could still be a choking hazard for younger kiddos. 

This ADHD Fidget Ring is a Great Gift

Searching for a thoughtful and practical gift? Look no further! This ADHD fidget ring is a wonderful present for your friend, coworker, kid… whoever… with ADHD or anxiety.


Product Deets

Material: Magnet

Color: Lots of options, choose your favorite

Packing list:

Swivel ring*3

Additional information

Weight 0.05 oz
Dimensions 200 × 150 × 30 in

Red Smoke, Pride, Trippy Pride, Nootch, Blue, Green


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