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Amethyst and Hematite Fidget Necklace



Fidget Jewelry for Adults!

No matter what type of ADHD you have, you probably already know how fidgets can help you get through a boring meeting or brain-intensive project. At the same time, it seems awkward sitting in the department head meeting while spinning your 3 tie-dye, magnetic, light-up fidget rings on your fingers. You know Dave will say something, he always does. Ugh, Dave.
Fear not, friend, we have a solution for you. This Certified Spicy fidget necklace is a sophisticated piece of hand-crafted jewelry — your boss will never know its dual purpose: It’s a fidget! These gemstones are set just far enough apart that they can be clicked and spun to your heart’s delight, all while helping you stay regulated and focused on the weekly financials call.

Calming, Beautiful Gemstones

These are real gemstones: Beautiful light purple amethyst is known for its cleansing and calming properties. Hematite is a dark silvery, dense stone renowned for its grounding restorative powers. Or, if woo woo isn’t your thing, you’ll still WOW WOW your coworkers and friends with this gorgeous, hand-made piece of jewelry.

This Fidget Necklace is Stylish and Certified Spicy

Far Out Fidgets is owned and operated by a neurodivergent family In Colorado. Your purchase helps to support neurodiversity in business while benefitting the neurospicy person in your life, even if that’s you!


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