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Awesome Ends In ME – Gratitude Journal – Age 5-12



The perfect gratitude journal to help kids (aged 5-12) get the most out of practicing gratitude but also bursting with fun activities to help build resilience, boost happiness, focus on what is important, stay calm when facing challenges, build a positive attitude, improve mental fitness and enhance well-being. The perfect resource all kids need for crucial emotional development is presented in a colorful, fun, and engaging way so kids want to use it. Kids can learn to manage big emotions, create a growth mindset, focus on their strengths, create meaningful connections, and maintain essential healthy habits to live a happy life. Childhood is the perfect time to develop resilience and the resilient me® gratitude journal for kids is the perfect tool to start this journey. Activities include gratitude practice, mindfulness, breathing, managing emotions, strengths and mindset, healthy habits – sleep, nourishment, movement, kindness, mood tracker, and happiness scale.


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