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Fidget Tubes Pop Tubes



What’s cooler than a straw? A bendy straw! What’s cooler than that? These super bendy, expandable, fidget tubes!

This is one of our favorite recommendations for ADHDers under the age of 10. Fidget tubes are like the bendy straw’s cooler, all grown-up siblings. They look and behave in a manner similar to the bendy part of your bendy straw, but the bendy part runs the whole length of the tube! They are connectable, so you can create absolutely massive pop tube snakes and tunnels, or bend them into fun shapes. Great for toddlers, classrooms, and early learning occupational therapy, kids of all ages will love bending and pulling each one. A fun, interactive toy for kids, these pop tubes let kids stretch, build, connect, spin, bend and play with them in a wide variety of ways.

Why We Love Fidget Tubes

Stimulating creativity

The tactile feel of each tube is great for physical stimulation while the connectable, buildable design can be used to strengthen fine motor skills

Create unique sounds

These stretch tubes also become sound tubes! Push or pull them to different lengths, gently swing them in circles, and kids can create music.

Additional information

Weight 0.10 oz
Dimensions 300 × 100 × 30 in



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