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Friendship Book: My Friend Embarrassed Me



This friendship book is wonderful for teaching healthy relationships to sensitive kids.

When your friend tells the whole school who your crush is, how would you respond to the embarrassment?
In this choose-your-own-ending picture book, cora lets slip that abdi has a crush on riley. Abdi is embarrassed. Will he retaliate or accept Cora’s apology? Readers make choices for abdi, with each story path leading to different outcomes. Includes four endings and discussion questions.

We’ve taught our children through stories for centuries. The multiple endings contained in this book allow kids to consider that their actions affect a friendship in many ways, leaving themselves or their friend empowered, or even hurt, depending on their choices.

Expressive illustrations and the power to choose your story support social-emotional learning and decision-making for kids, making this an excellent friendship book to spark discussion and encourage kids to build positive relationships.


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