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Newton’s Cradle Light Up LED Kinetic Toy



Newton’s first law states that a body at rest tends to stay at rest. One example of this is me in my cubicle at 9 am on a Monday morning. Another example is this beautiful Newtons Cradle Light Up LED Kinetic Energy Toy! Now you can witness Newton’s Law of Inertia from the comfort of your cubicle while wishing you had some of it to help you power through until lunch.

Newton’s Cradle Light Up At Work

This is a great tabletop fidget for those moments when you’re in need of a brain break, some visual stimulation during a conference call, or you’re just waiting for your body double to arrive. It’s a professional-looking, visual reminder that it’s ok to take a moment while set-shifting for your next task. Like a palette cleanser for your brain! This kinetic toy is a classic office toy and science teaching tool, with the added fun of LED lighting for a modern touch.

At Home

You can also take your Newton’s Cradle Light Up toy home. Its beautiful design looks great in any home office. Or, flip on the LEDs on your way to bed and dream of all the inertia you’ll need to get through tomorrow. Spoiler alert: It’s more inertia than is contained in these 5 beautiful stainless steel balls.

The Newton’s Cradle Light Up LED Kinetic Energy Toy is powered by 4 AA batteries that are not included.

Size: 15x15x12cm

Batteries: 4 x AA (not included)

Additional information

Weight 0.31 oz
Dimensions 150 × 150 × 115 in





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