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Beside the Bed Worry Pad



Struggling to get a good night’s sleep? Do thoughts, worries or ideas keep you up at night? With the beside the bed worry pad you can capture all your thoughts and ideas and sleep soundly, knowing they’re safely recorded. This notepad was specifically designed for those with anxiety, autism, adhd, or mental health difficulties, or those (like me) whose mind seems to come alive at night when all you want to do is rest!

This A6 notepad features a calming blue design with yellow stars and a sleepy little panda, and the quotes “keep this pad beside your bed to tame the worries in your head” and “empty your mind and sleep tight”. It’s a beautiful and functional addition to your self-care stationery collection and makes a fantastic gift to promote self-care.

This worry journal is Certified Spicy, meaning it is made and sold by a neurodiverse-owned business. Your purchase supports neurodiversity in business, and that feels pretty good, doesn’t it?


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