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Flippy Spin Fidget Toy



This isn’t your typical fidget spinner. Sure, it’s got both “fidget” and “spin” in the name, but those other ones only spin on their flat plane. This spin fidget toy looks like a square – and it spins in three dimensions! 

Seven Centimeters of Fidgeting Fun

This little toy measures 7cm by 7cm, or 2.75 inches by 2.75 inches. If you’re having trouble imagining what that looks like, you’re in luck! I proactively researched this very deep topic for all of us, and I’m happy to report back on a variety of other things that are also 7cm long

  1. The Diameter of a Wiffle Ball – That means that while spinning, this spinny fidget thing kinda-sorta looks like a Wiffle ball! If you find a way to use this information, please tell me in a product review.
  2. Half a Bic Pen – Pick up a pen, then imagine you’ve only got half of it. Bingo, that’s the size! Disclaimer: we recommend only imagining that your pen is cut in half. If you actually cut the pen in half, it will become very difficult to use as a pen. Maybe you’ll find another use, though. Live your best life.

Satisfying Spin

The spin feels good while fidgeting, and that’s very important to those of us with sensory needs. No distracting grind, all smooth and satisfying spin. 

An Outlet for Hyperactivity

Kids and adults with ADHD alike often actually listen much better when we have an outlet for our restlessness. This spin fidget toy is quiet and non-disruptive. (I mean, depending on how you use it.. Throwing it at your friend would definitely be disruptive, so if you’re aiming for subtle, maybe don’t do that.)  

Additional information

Weight 0.04 oz
Dimensions 80 × 80 × 20 in

Black and white




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