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Flip Fidget Toy Anti-stress Kinetic Desk Toy For Adults And Kids



Say hello to the simple and fun flip fidget toy! Fidgets like this are a huge help for stress relief, self-regulation, and boosting concentration. Designed for all neurospicies with anxiety, all sub-types of ADHD, or Autism, this fidget is the perfect tool to keep you on track without bothering your classmates. You’ll be the envy of the classroom with this little gem in your hands!

Since the day we discovered our son is neurodivergent we’ve been on a mission to help him be better equipped for his days at school. Fidgets make a big difference, but many of them are too distracting in a classroom setting. This flip fidget toy is the perfect stealthy solution – The Flip Fidget Toy is not like standard fidgets. It’s small, simple, and inconspicuous in any setting, even in the most top-secret meetings.

How to use your Flip Fidget Toy

Flip it onto its flat side, and watch as it gracefully rolls! The flat sides are uniquely curved to preserve its energy, making it spin end over end like a fidgety acrobat! There are several other ways to fidget with this toy too. Spin it with your thumb and finger in the center, or by spinning it on opposite corners – or keep it in your pocket and rub the center with your thumb for relaxation like a worry stone. The versatile design has no moving parts, making it practically indestructible. So go ahead, and toss it in your pocket or purse without a care in the world – this toy is built to accompany you on any adventure.

Whether you’re at work, school, or on a daring mission to save the world, our Flip Fidget Toy will be your trusty sidekick, bringing joy and relaxation wherever you go!



Additional information

Weight 0.02 oz
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 20 in

Aurora, Cosmic dust, Galactic Halo, Lunar eclipse, Milky Way, Orion, Starry space


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