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Mindfulness Planner Weekly Planner for School and Work



This mindfulness planner, designed by Mindfulnice, is a wonderful desk companion for both children and adults who need a little extra encouragement to stay focused and organized. The pages have room to write your plans for each day, your intentions for the week, as well as notes. There’s an added mindfulness practice for each day where you can reflect on and add what you’re grateful for, what you’re proud of, happy about, how you shared your love, how you showed kindness, and how you practiced self-care. the hand-drawn designs, by debby of mindfulnice, are intended to make you feel happy and bring some light to your days. They measure 8.5×11″ and contain 52 sheets – one for each week of the year. There are no dates on the planner, so they can be used any time.


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